Historic / Tarot

The Francois de Poilly Tarot


The Francois de Poilly Tarot: this beautiful deck was created and published in the year 1660 by Francois de Poilly or someone in his family. The deck is not traditional tarot, but it does contain 22 trumps, about 3/4ths of which follow the traditional Tarot structure. The differences are similar to the 97-card Minchiate decks of Italy, leading some card deck historians to speculate that Francois took what he liked about the Minchiate deck and incorporated it to create a new pattern entirely unseen before.  The original deck features only the Majors and courts, and so new pip cards have been created so the deck might be read as a full Tarot.  Card number 16, the Element of Air, is also missing from the original and has been recreated in the same style.  What a wonderful piece of Tarot history!  This deck is available for purchase on my new site, Indie Oracles.


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