Lenormand / Original Creation

The Visconti Lenormand, Titled Edition

Visconti Lenormand (with Titles) Example Cards

The Visconti Lenormand: If Mme. Lenormand had lived in the 16th century, this would be her deck! An original creation, the Visconti Lenormand is a re-imagining of Mme. Lenormand’s fortune-telling deck created using art from master painters of the 16th century.  The golden background of the Cary-Yale Visconti itself is used to provide a beautiful canvas for these stunning images.  The sumptuous colours and historic designs of this Lenormand will speak to you with the voice of the Renaissance.  This 38-card deck (traditional Lenormand cards plus extra Gentleman and Lady cards) with tuck-box is available on my new site, Indie Oracles.


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