Historic / Oracle

Urania’s Mirror: Star Cards

Example cards from Urania’s Mirror

Urania’s Mirror: Star Cards is a beautiful deck created in 1825 as part of a constellation atlas.  The engravings are incredibly evocative, creating an atmosphere at home in an old library with a warm fire, or perhaps even a cold windswept balcony where one explores the stars through a telescope.  There are 32 amazing cards featuring 80 constellations from the 18th century, each sprinkled with the stars that make up the basis for these beautiful illustrations, and each card maintains its original, aged color.  Though not originally intended as an oracle deck, the constellations featured hail from the Zodiac, Greek and Roman myth, and many other sources that would make for a fascinating intuitive exercise!  This amazing piece of history and a nice box is available from the artist on my new site, Indie Oracles.


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