Lenormand / Original Creation

The Houses of Lenormand


The Houses of Lenormand is a 36 card deck designed to facilitate the use of random Houses in a Lenormand card reading.  It can also be used to lay out a Grand Tableau and easily find the House each card is located with.  It is made to serve as a tool in addition to another Lenormand deck, to add additional clarity and light to a reading.  Each card features the title of the House, the number of the House, and a large space for writing in your own keywords or observations according to whichever school of Lenormand you follow.  For some really interesting ways to make use of this deck (or to use other decks in House positions), please see Donnaleigh de LaRose’s informative and helpful video.

The Houses of Lenormand is a standard bridge size, the same as most Lenormand decks.  By placing them down first, and then adding the cards of another deck on top but slightly lower, you can see just the titles to aid in your reading.  You can purchase this deck on my new site, Indie Oracles.  Please also take a look at the Rosewater Lenormand and Fortune-Telling Cards, which features perfectly-matching red roses!



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