Historic / Tarot

The Lismon Etteilla Tarot


The Lismon Etteilla Tarot is a beautiful deck, largely based on the Grand Etteilla.  It is a variant published shortly afterwards, sometime around 1838.  There has been another self-published version of this deck, which I have and enjoy, but feel that it does not quite capture the spirit of the original.  This is my attempt to do justice to the original design which is so lovely, and so purely encapsulates Tarot of the 17th century.  The Minor Arcana is the true draw of this deck: while the Grand Etteilla features mostly true pips, the Lismon Etteilla adds a bit of flair to the starkness.  The Swords feature busts of soldiers and generals, the Coins has mostly ladies in various womanly pursuits of the Victorian era, and the Wands and Cups have their own assortment of curious emblems and symbols.

The Lismon Etteilla Tarot is printed on tarot-sized cards, and features 78 cards in pastel blues and pinks with bright yellows.  You can purchase this deck on my new site, Indie Oracles.  What a wonderful piece of Tarot history!


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