Lenormand / Original Creation

The Rosewater Lenormand and Fortune-Telling Cards


The Rosewater Lenormand and Fortune Telling Cards are here!  This rose-tinted adventure utilizes sumptuous paintings, beautiful photographs, and wonderful drawings to illustrate those famous Lenormand symbols – plus a few extra!  A deck of 50 cards, it includes all the standard Lenormand symbols, but also includes 14 extra cards like the Cats, the Lightning, the Broken Mirror and the Bride.  You can separate the deck and use it as a standard Lenormand, sort it a little differently and use as a set of fortune-telling cards in the Whitman style (seen here at Seaqueen’s blog) or put them all together and have at it!  I’ve wanted to create a modern update of the Whitman decks for a long time, and the Rosewater Lenormand is the best of both worlds!  There will be a document of meanings and keywords available for the extra cards once the decks start getting sent out.

The deck comes in a poker size, and also includes a storage box.  It is available for purchase on my new site, Indie Oracles.  If you’re interested in using random Houses with your cards, my Houses decks are a perfect match for the Rosewater Lenormand!


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