Historic / Tarot

The Bohemian Tarot of Papus


The Bohemian Tarot of Papus: drawn by Gabriel Goulinat under the direction of the renowned occultist Papus for the illustration of his book The Divinatory Tarot, this deck done in beautiful line-drawings brings together the occult work of Etteilla, Levi Christian, and Eliphas Levi.  First published in 1909, it helped launch a new era of interest in the Tarot.  This is a faithful reproduction of the original illustrations of this Tarot scholar.

The Bohemian Tarot is printed on tarot-sized cards, and features 78 cards in beautiful black and on a creamy background.  You can purchase this deck on my new site, Indie Oracles.  What a wonderful piece of Tarot history!


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