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Changes at Historical Retrospective!

preview2Hello everyone!  I wanted to let all my followers know that I’ve been shopping around to a few other printers, and have finally found one that offers the quality, speed, and service that is so necessary in a small-scale operation like this one – which means that I’ll no longer be working with the Gamecrafter, but will be moving exclusively to this new (and fantastic!) printer.  This means a couple of things are changing:

First, my new printer does not offer mini-card sizes, so the Stralsunder Mini Lenormand is going to be discontinued!  In addition, the Sola Busca Tarot and the Francois de Poilly Tarot will no longer come with tuckboxes.  There is also another big change for the Sola Busca Tarot – instead of being offered in a bridge card size, it’s getting upgraded to full Tarot card size!  There will unfortunately have to be a price increase to reflect this new cost, but the amazing quality is worth it.  All other cards, including the Lenormands, will stay at their original price and will now come with a much nicer hard plastic case than the previous plastic tuckboxes.

The good news for all of you is that I have some leftover Gamecrafter stock that I’ll be looking to get clear out, which will be posted at sale prices on the Order Page as soon as I get them until I run out!  These decks are stock on-hand, so they’ll get to you much faster than the usual one month ordering time.  I’ll also be doing one last order at the Gamecrafter for anyone interested in the Stralsunder Mini Lenormand or the smaller-sized Sola Busca Tarot; but this final order will be closing December 17th!

To inaugurate this new printer, I’ll also be releasing a new deck entitled the Rosewater Lenormand and Fortune Telling Cards!  A deck of 50 cards, it includes all the standard Lenormand symbols, plus a few extra.  You can separate the deck and use it as a standard Lenormand, sort it a little differently and use as a set of fortune-telling cards in the Whitman style (seen here at Seaqueen’s blog) or put them all together and have at it!  I’ve wanted to create a modern update of the Whitman decks for a long time, and the Rosewater Lenormand is the best of both worlds!  It will be available for order in early 2013.

I am so excited for all the changes happening around here, and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.  Happy Holidays to all, and may you have much joy with your family and friends (and Lennies) this Holiday season :).

Thank you,
Catherine Brown


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